Participation in SFC16 is open to all nationalities and to all athletes! Then there will be three qualifiers. All qualifiers will be released on a Thursday, and you will have to complete the workout, and post your score at the link provided before 10PM on the following Monday.

Scores will be shown on the Competition Corner Leaderboard which can be accessed from the SFC16 website.

Qualifications and Divisions

Release dates for qualifiers:
SFC Q16.1 June 9 18:00
SFC Q16.2 June 16 18:00
SFC Q16.3 June 23 18:00

Who will qualify to the main event?
60 individual male and 60 individual female athletes from the Rx divisions will qualify for the main event. The top 45 individuals of each gender are guaranteed a spot. The remaining 15 spots will be comprised of athletes who had the top placement from their country of residence and citizenship but who placed between 45th and 100th, as well as a very limited number of non-qualifying invitees (“golden tickets”) who will be participating at the discretion of the organizers and sponsors.

The other divisions will qualify as follows:
Top 24 masters women and men +35
Top 12 masters women and men +40
Top 12 masters women and men +45
Top 12 masters women and men +50

individual women (18-35)
Individual men (18-35)
masters women +35
masters men +35
masters women +40
masters men +40
masters women +45
masters men +45
masters women +50
masters men +50
Scaled (will have same divisions as above)
(For all Masters divisions, the age cutoff date is August 20, Day 1 of the finals)

For example. If you turn 35 on the 21st of august or any date after that, you are NOT eligible to compete in that masters division, and considered too young.


Solid Fitness Challenge has five different age groups to choose from: 18-34 (Individual), 35-39 (35+), 40-44 (40+), 45-49 (45+), and 50 and older (50+).
When registering, choose the age group that matches how old you will be on August 20, 2016. Once that is completed, you will need to choose whether to compete in the Rx division or the Scaled division.

All age groups in both the Rx and Scaled divisions will compete in three rounds of an online competition starting June 9. Top athletes will be in the Rx division, where the best from each age group will qualify to compete in Stockholm Olympic Stadium August 20-21.

The Scaled division also provides an accurate measurement of fitness over three rounds of an online competition, but at a more accessible level of challenge. Scaled athletes will be able to share and compare results during the online competition on the same type of leaderboard as the Rx division.

To encourage maximum participation, prizes for the Scaled division will be distributed across the full range of those who complete all three workouts. Top finishers in the Scaled division in each age group will be recognized both online and at the competition in Stockholm, but the on-site competition will be Rx only.

Listed below are examples of weights and movements that may be used in the online competition. This should help you determine whether to choose Rx or Scaled.

Note: Consider these to be for multiple sets and/or reps, not 1 rep max lifts!

Score and video submission

Score submission:
It is easiest for you to complete the workout at an affiliate, your judge needs to verify your score.

If you are an independent athlete or for some reason cannot complete the workout at an affiliate, you will need submit a video along with your score.

We advise all athletes who aspire to compete at the main event, to video document their workouts. We may find it necessary for you to send it in for examination.

Video Submission:
State your name and show all equipment and weights used during the workout. At the end of the workout show time or state rounds and repetitions. For us to be able to evaluate your video, it is your responsibility to position the camera so that all movement standards and time clock are clearly seen throughout the workout.

Your video will be judged using these competition standards:

We accept your submitted score.

Good with minor penalty (1 to 4 no reps).
In this case the video will be valid but your score will decreased by 1 to 4 reps.

Good with major penalty (at least 5 no reps).
In this case, the video will be valid but your score will decrease by 15%

Video is rejected because movement standards, workout standards or video quality is not respected. If your video is rejected, you have one week to redo and submit a new video.