Questions about the Qualifiers?
We will answer them here!

Where do I post my score?
You have to register through Competition Corner: Submit score.

What is the deadline for posting my score?
16.1: June 13th, 10pm UTC+2
16.2: June 20th, 10pm UTC+2
16.3: June 27th, 10pm UTC+2

I’m competing in the scaled division, will I have the chance to advance to the main event in august?
No, only the Rx divisions will advance.

Can my judge be uncertified? / Do I need to post a video if scaled?
Yes, We recommend everyone to videorecord their workout. We may ask for verification purposes.

How do I make a proper video?
Follow this excellent tutorial over at Competition Corner: Submitting score to a online competition.

How do I upload a video longer than 15 minutes to Youtube?
Follow this tutorial: Upload video longer than 15 minutes

As a judge, how do I validate an athletes score?
Follow this tutorial from Competition Corner:
Validating online scores as a judge

When is the deadline for judge to validate?
Same as the athletes, 10pm UCT+2 the following monday after qualification release. Problems with posting scores or validating, email support@competitioncorner.net.

I can’t seem to post my score.
Try another browser or device. If this doesn’t work please contact support@competitioncorner.net.

Specific to 16.3

Can another person switch on the rower when it turns off during rounds?

Specific to 16.2

Can I use a Power Snatch into a Overhead Squat?

Can I use a Split Snatch into Overhead Squat?

Is there a time cap?
Yes, 60minutes. Tie breaker is reps completed before timecap.

Specific to 16.1

Is the WB height for all divisions?
Yes. WB height is same for all Rx divisions, 10′ / 3.05m.

Is there a tie breaker?
Yes, the reps after your last set of deadlifts will be your tie breaker.

I can’t find the answer to my question!

Send us a message on our contact page, and we will get back to you shortly.