Qualifier 16.1

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7 minutes AMRAP

7 Deadlifts
21 Wallballs
42 Double unders

The workout begins with the athlete standing fully upright, the loaded barbell in front. At the go signal the athlete begins with the deadlifts. Once seven are completed the athlete will move on to the wall ball shots. Upon completing 21 shots the athlete can then start their double unders for 42 repetitions. The athlete will continue in this fashion until the 7 mins are over. The athlete chooses the deadlift weight. The weight can not be changed during the workout.


The score will be the weight on the barbell x completed deadlift repetitions for a total weight in kilograms.

Include the total number of wall ball shots and double-unders completed after the final DL rep as a decimal. Maximum possible = 0.63.

If needed, convert the total amount lifted from pounds to kilos, rounding up or down to the closest whole number

Movement Standards


Both plates on the ground at the same time.

Full extension in knees and hips, shoulders behind the bar, hands outside feet.

Athlete chooses the deadlift weight.

Wall Ball:

Medicine ball in front of chest.

Hip crease below knee cap.

Equator or below of medicine ball hitting the face of the target.

Ball weight:
Male: 20lb / 9kg
Female: 14lb / 6kg

Target height:
RX: 10′ / 3.05m
Scale: 9′ / 2.74m

First rep can be a squat clean.

Double Under:

Rope traveling forward, passing under the feet twice in one jump.

Single unders.

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