Qualifier 16.2

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Deep Isabel

30 squat snatch, for time

The workout begins with the athlete standing fully upright, the loaded barbell in front.

At the go signal the athlete begins with the squat snatches. Once 30 repetitions are completed time will be recorded.


The score will be the total time it took to complete the 30 snatches.

Movement Standards


Both plates on the ground at the same time.

One fluid motion from the ground to overhead, hip crease below the knee in the bottom.

Full extension in knees, hips, shoulders and arms, barbell overhead in line with the body.

RX individual, Master 35+, Master 40+:

RX Master 45+, Master 50+:
Powersnatch 50kg/35kg

Scaled individual, Master 35+, Master 40+:
Powersnatch 50kg/35kg

Scaled Master 45+, Master 50+:
Powersnatch 40kg/30kg

If you are using lbs, this is the conversion table:
20kg bar counts as 45 lbs
15kg bar counts as 35 lbs

your total weight should be:
30kg = not less than 66,5 lbs
35kg = 77,5 lbs
40kg = 88,5 lbs
50kg = 110 lbs
60kg = 132,5 lbs

More questions?

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