Your help can make Solid Fitness Challenge an awesome experience for everyone involved! Competitions like these are only possible with help of teams of volunteers. Being behind the scenes can get you closer to the action and the athletes than any spectator! Working as a volunteer is challenging and rewarding. It has a number of benefits and has helped many to make new friends and great memories! Some positions require qualifications and experience, but we have the need for people of all ages and abilities.

Do you have experience with building structures and/or working with power tools?
We need people who can help build the rig prior to the competition and dismantle it and pack it away in an orderly fashion afterwards.

Do you love moving things around and keeping things in order?
We need a variety of equipment team members. Some will need to be able to lift and carry bulky or heavy items, and all will need to be able to help make the competition floor just right for every athlete in every heat.

Do you love dealing with people?
We need people who can help and guide our international athletes behind the scenes in a friendly, mature, and professional manner to make sure that everybody is where they need to be, when they need to be there.

Do you want to be a judge at SFC?
If you have passed this year’s CrossFit Online Judge certification and have experience judging at large competitions (preferably international), we may be able to use your help!